Education Sector

The vision of my administration is to make the state the best administered in Nigeria; this underscored the value placed on massive investment on infrastructure to ensure adequate provision of quality education for the citizenry.

We invested massively on infrastructure to ensure adequate provision of quality education for the citizenry thereby developing the human capital resource in knowledge, technological skills, character building and entrepreneurship. We gave children equal access and opportunities to education, irrespective of parents’ socio-economic status. We built 51 Mega Schools which are avant-garde in outlook but strictly proletarian in utility. Our government provided 90 Free-shuttle buses to facilitate prompt movement, security and attendance of over 53,000 students daily in major towns across the state. We assuaged the private cost of education in an uncommon manner and the regime of fees in all Ondo State owned Tertiary Institutions is arguably the most affordable in Nigeria. The success we recorded in education has become a big benchmark that other states now fall over to understudy and replicate.

Our conviction is that Infrastructure development creates the enabling environment to bridge the gap between children of the advantaged and the disadvantaged. This is aimed at ensuring equal educational opportunity and production of school leavers who can globally compete among their peers. The educational goals of the State are in line with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs); EFA goals; Vision 2020; and our Twelve - point - programme aptly captured with the acronym A CARING HEART