Agriculture Sector

The Ondo State Wealth Creation Agency (WECA) came into existence at the inception of our Administration with the objective of harmonizing all agricultural potentials in the state with their value chains and translates same into economic prosperity for the people of the state especially the literate unemployed youths. There is no doubt that Nigeria is currently going through serious economic challenges. Youth unemployment is a scourge that has rendered a large percentage of our youth in Nigeria unproductive despite constituting over 60% of the population. Ondo State is not spared from this disturbing scenario as a large proportion of its youths are unemployed or underemployed despite the numerous opportunities that could be harnessed and transformed to economic activities. WECA is therefore one of our empowerment initiatives that is targeted at ameliorating the challenges facing our youths. The main focus of WECA is wealth creation by introducing young men and women to modern agricultural best practices and agribusiness while exposing them to the entire value chain of agriculture which includes agricultural financing, inputs supply, production, preservation, processing, services, marketing, distribution etc. Other focus areas of WECA is to support the development of micro and small enterprises in other sectors apart from agriculture that attract youth participation such as entertainment, ICT, non-agro processing, professional services and artisanship.