Social Sector

An exciting thing about our eight year rule is our penchant for reaching out to the hearts of the people regardless of age, social strata and gender. Our government ensured at every point in time that the citizen’s social situation gets enhanced through a multiplicity of interventions thus improving their quality of life.

We deployed an Urban Renewal paradigm that repudiated the “trickle-down-theory” by parlaying decaying inner-city structures and market re-development as development catalysts. This was the essence of the UN-Habitat award that I bagged in 2012.

We deliberately created an environment for unhindered access and dissemination of information through the old and new media platforms ditto political participation.

Our administration penciled down and gave a pride of place to Culture and Tourism. We can boldly say that in all our social sector intervention, we chose to recognize the fact that the government has responsibility to ensure that they intervene in the society in a way and manner that carries the weak along.